[036] Contact Center Compliance, with Arvell Craig from DNC.com

November 24, 2021 00:38:55
[036] Contact Center Compliance, with Arvell Craig from DNC.com
Scalable Call Center Sales
[036] Contact Center Compliance, with Arvell Craig from DNC.com

Nov 24 2021 | 00:38:55


Show Notes

When it comes to overall compliance, where do businesses have the most trouble? What is the most effective way of managing your compliance program?

In this episode, Arvell Craig from Contact Center Compliance and I talk about something very important in building a scalable call center, which is compliance.

We also talked about his experiences in helping businesses through the realm of compliance and regulatory concerns.

Also learn more about maximizing opportunities for growth, sales, and business.

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Arvell’s Bio
Arvell Craig is the Director of Compliance Services of the Consulting Division at Contact Center Compliance. With over 20 years of marketing, consulting and business expertise, he helps guide businesses on compliance, risk, and regulatory concerns, while maximizing opportunities for growth.

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