[034] Where Does Marketing End and Sales Begin?

Episode 34 November 10, 2021 00:31:33
[034] Where Does Marketing End and Sales Begin?
Scalable Call Center Sales
[034] Where Does Marketing End and Sales Begin?

Nov 10 2021 | 00:31:33


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Scalable Call Center Sales
Scalable Call Center Sales
[034] Where Does Marketing End and Sales Begin?
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What is the line between marketing and sales? How can you assist your team in gaining a better understanding of their roles and be more effective?

There isn’t a single occasion these days where a prospect calls in and becomes a client. There will be some follow-ups required, and the sales team may fail to do so because it is far easier to wait for new inbound calls than to deal with follow-ups.

In this Solo Episode, I talk about the line between marketing and sales and understanding the role of each process.

Learn more about marketing vs. sales, breaking down silos, and improving your operations.

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